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Am J Neurodegener Dis 2013;2(1):29-34

Original Article
The impact of DaTscan on the diagnosis and management of movement
disorders: A retrospective study

Kimberly D Seifert, Jonathan I Wiener

Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, FL, USA; Department of Radiology, Boca Raton
Regional Hospital, Boca Raton, FL, USA

Received Decembar 5, 2012; Accepted January 23, 2013; Epub March 8, 2013; Published March 18, 2013

Abstract: Background: The diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease remains a challenge in patients who have abnormal
symptoms or show a lack of response to medication. The imaging technique, DaTscan, can be used to visualize
dopamine degeneration in the nigro-striatum, which is associated with Parkinsonian Syndrome. We examined the use
of the DaTscan in diagnosis, confidence in diagnosis, and clinical management. Methods: Physicians of 125 patients
were contacted to fill out a brief survey about changes in diagnosis, confidence of diagnosis, and clinical management
after assessment with the DaTscan. Results: There was an overall increase in confidence of diagnosis with the
results of the DaTscan. Physicians also stated that the DaTscan impacted their diagnosis in 68% of the patients, as
well as an impact in the clinical management of 58% of the patients. Conclusion: The DaTsan can be used as a tool to
help diagnose Parkinsonian Syndrome in patients with unclear symptoms. (AJND1212001)

Keywords: DaTscan, parkinsonian syndrome, 123I Ioflupane

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