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Journal information

The American Journal of Neurodegenerative Disease (AJND) (ISSN: 2165-591X) is an open access, online journal to
facilitate rapid publication and circulation of novel discoveries in neurodegenerative diseases.  It was founded by a
group of scientists in the relevant fields and clinical academic physicians from around the world, who are devoted to
the advancement of understanding of this group of devastating diseases and the development of the therapies.

The scope of AJND encompasses all areas of neurodegenerative diseases. AJND welcomes original and review
articles on both clinical investigation and basic research. Occasionally, special topic issues, short communications,
editorials, and invited perspectives will also be published. Manuscripts, including figures and tables, must be original
and not under consideration by another journal.

Unlike most other open access online journals, AJND will keep most of the traditional features of paper print that we
are all familiar with, such as continuous volume, issue numbers, as well as continuous page numbers to retain our
comfortable familiarity towards an academic journal.

AJND officially launched in July, 2012, published as a quarterly journal, and is accepting manuscript submissionsnow.
Publication frequencies may be increased to bi-monthly or even monthly if more manuscripts are
received. We are accepting manuscript submissions at this time. All manuscripts will be peer reviewed and published
within one month of acceptance. Please allow up to eight weeks for review of submitted manuscripts. If you are
interested in submitting a manuscript to AJND for consideration of publication, please read the journal’s Guidelines for
Author and submit online at www.e-century.us.

If you are interested in becoming an editorial board member, please read the editorial board policy and then contact us
together with your updated CV, 5-10 keywords of your research interest, and the link to your professional webpage that
is hosted in your affiliated university or institute.