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Volume 2, Number 4:228-306;2013
American Journal of Neurodegenerative Disease

Inês Campos Costa, Hugo Nogueira Carvalho, Lia Fernandes: Aging, circadian rhythms and depressive disorders:
a review. Am J Neurodegener Dis 2013;2(4):228-246. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Kristina Endres, Sven Reinhardt: ER-stress in Alzheimer’s disease: turning the scale? Am J Neurodegener Dis
2013;2(4):247-265. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Hiroshige Fujishiro, Akiko Yamashita Imamura, Wen-Lang Lin, Hirotake Uchikado, Margery H Mark, Lawrence I
Golbe, Katerina Markopoulou, Zbigniew K Wszolek, Dennis W Dickson:
Diversity of pathological features other
than Lewy bodies in familial Parkinson’s disease due to SNCA mutations. Am J Neurodegener Dis 2013;2(4):266-
275. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Maria Landqvist Waldö, Lars Gustafson, Karin Nilsson, Bryan J Traynor, Alan E Renton, Elisabet Englund, Ulla
Frontotemporal dementia with a C9ORF72 expansion in a Swedish family: clinical and neuropathological
characteristics. Am J Neurodegener Dis 2013;2(4):276-286. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Alexandra I Soto-Ortolaza, Michael G Heckman, Catherine Labbé, Daniel J Serie, Andreas Puschmann, Sruti
Rayaprolu, Audrey Strongosky, Magdalena Boczarska-Jedynak, Grzegorz Opala, Anna Krygowska-Wajs, Maria
Barcikowska, Krzysztof Czyzewski, Timothy Lynch, Ryan J Uitti, Zbigniew K Wszolek, Owen A Ross:
risk factors in Parkinson’s disease: LRRK2 coding variation and genetic interaction with PARK16. Am J
Neurodegener Dis 2013;2(4):287-299. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Peter K Panegyres, Huei-Yang Chen: Differences between early and late onset Alzheimer’s disease. Am J
Neurodegener Dis 2013;2(4):300-306. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).